What we do

The main objects of SciTech Centre are,
  1. To undertake, conduct, carry on scientific research for the extension of knowledge in the fields of natural and applied science.
  2. To undertake, conduct, carry on or help to carry on research & other scientific work in connection with Pharmaceutical industry & in particular the engineering industry, which research and other scientific work may be, among others, in the following directions.
  3. Investigation into the usability & improvement of materials used in Industries.
  4. Investigation into the utilistion of the products of industries.
  5. Investigation into & improvement of machinery, components & appliances used by the industries.
  6. Investigation into & improvement of processes of manufacture efficiency, rationalization & reduction of costs.
  7. Discovery of invention of new machines, processes & products of raw materials. Investigation & research into the conditions of work, time & motion studies, fatigue & rest pauses, standardization of the methods of work conditioning of factories & diseases & accidents arising out of employment in industries.
Specific areas of SciTech Centre’s research activity include pharmaceutical engineering, advanced dosage forms research, Vision system research.
It is involved in dissemination of Scientific information through conferences, Study groups to Pharma students and various Technocrats.
With all this development, Scitech Centre promotes Indigenization of Pharmaceutical Technology by promoting Import substitution leading to conservation of valuable foreign Exchange for the Nation, availability of technology to pharma industry at low cost, leading to lower pricing of drugs available in India.
SciTech Centre’s innovative pharma engineering solutions allow pharma companies to develop cost-effective medicines, ultimately helping deliver healthcare to all.