SciTech Centre seminar on ‘A Step Towards Quality by Design’

Date: on 24th January 2019 at SciTech Centre, Mumbai
Time: from 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Psychrometrics: Humidity Control Critical Variable in Fluid Bed Processing & Tablet Coating by Mr. Vasant Shetty
  • Regulatory Aspects and New Solutions in Hard Capsules by Mr. Karthikeyan NA
  • The Art and Science of Barrier Packaging..Selecting the Right Film by Mr. Neil Main
  • Special Purpose, Customized Oral Dosage Encapsulation by Mr. Darren D’Penha
  • Understanding Picking/Sticking Observed in Tablets by Mr. Deepan Lad
  • Key Considerations for Extended Release Coating by Mr. Vasant Shetty